Congratulations!  You chose to work with a qualified local realtor to buy a home!  Your home is your most valuable financial investment.  Now it’s time to locate the best coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle, and your home!


Insuring your personal property and your home is essential.  Your hard work and dedication deserves to be protected, so you need coverage you can count on.   Insurance provides the ability to regain what you have lost to covered damages like:

  • Fire and smoke

  • Hailstorm & Wind

  • Theft

  • Water Damage

  • Many other hazards!


Shopping around for insurance can cause a headache.  Many consumers are left feeling confused and frustrated after comparing different insurance prices.  Using an insurance broker will save you time with an amazing service. Here’s how it works:

  • With a click of a button, brokers can shop with 10+ companies instantly!  They are experts at comparing policies and saving their customers money.  Consider an insurance broker like an account manager.  They are your insurance assistant guiding you to the best possible pricing and coverages!


Every house has a history. Most good but some might be scary!  Wouldn’t you like to know if the previous owner had any claims before you buy the home?   My Insurance Guy offers a FREE Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange Report. (C.L.U.E. Report) for all customers!

A C.L.U.E. Report shows prior claim activity on a home.  For example, if the previous owners had a $40,000 water damage claim, wouldn’t you like to know about it? Sellers are supposed to provide a document called a ‘Seller’s Disclosure’, listing any previously known issues with a property and other historical details.  Our reports help verify prior claims on your property and leave your feeling at ease for your new purchase!


Thank you for your interest in getting to know us!  My name is James Cardenas, Founder of the brand My Insurance Guy.  I have created an unique experience for many people who value a trusted independent insurance agent.  With great companies in our corner like Allstate, Progressive, Travelers and more, we have identified with the best companies in the industry.

When I started out in this business in 2011, I had one goal.  Become the best insurance agency in Texas.  In the “Early Years” we marketed to our friends, family, and close colleagues, specializing in their personal auto & homeowners insurance. This organic style of B2C marketing allowed us to prove our worth to our most influential people.  Later, we learned to funnel our marketing strategy toward the Real Estate community.  Our active role in the real estate industry sharpens our property skills and allows us to work in the midst of leading Realtors and Mortgage Companies.

O Boy’ , Good word travels fast – Fast forward 6 years later.  After many long hours of dedication to our craft, our agents operate  more efficient than ever.  We provide quotes over the phone,  take care of all discrepancies, and save money everyday!

To date we service 2,140 policies with companies like Allstate, Travelers, Progressive, MetLife, SafeCo, State Auto, and more…   We have developed relationships with major insurance carriers to provide our clients with the best pricing.  Always saving each person time & money!

The Future Looks Bright! –  We are proud to be thriving in the Texas real estate market with our referral partners.  Our marketing outreach to current clients continue into 2018 and beyond!